Nitrile and Latex Gloves

Vinyl Gloves for Cleaning Home and Industries

Disposable Vinyl Gloves are widely used in household work, food and beverage facilities, electronics, chemical industry, aquaculture, factories, hospitals, scientific research and other industries.

  • Suitable for general purpose applications including foodservice, cleaning and painting.
  • Soft PVC formula; Complies fully with food contact requirements.
  • Powder free, latex free, and BPA- and phthalate-free.
  • Offers greater protection and durability.

Synthetic Nitrile Gloves (Vinyl Nitrile Blend),

Available in Blue / Black / White / Pink

  • Synthetic Nitrile gloves are made of petroleum based synthetic materials with a mix of vinyl, making it much cheaper than pure nitrile. It replicates many of the positive characteristics of latex(flexibility, strength and durability) without the latex allergy threat.
  • Nitrile is a synthetic material that exhibits rubber-like characteristics. With improvements in new technologies todays Nitrile gloves are much more comfortable.
  • Synthetic Nitrile gloves are widely used across all industries and are used for the protection of both the worker.