Nitrile and Latex Gloves


Your Safety

No matter your occupation, your personal safety is the No. 1 priority in today’s Covid normal world.

UGF Protect Gloves and UGF Protect Masks are manufactured to the highest standards to protect you against most chemicals, dust, germs and viruses.

UGF Protect Gloves and UGF Protect Masks are designed to provide the most comfortable experience for the user.

We can manufacture to any bespoke specification.


Nitrile a substance with a high puncture resistance and powder free to alleviate most allergies for the user.


Our latex is sourced from natural rubber from the manufacturer’s own rubber plantations where fair prices are paid to all workers.

Quality Control

All our UGF Protect Gloves and UGF Protect Face Mask partner factories are fully equipped with their own testing laboratories. They undertake 100% inspection of the products in line with the ISO and GMP requirements.

3 Ply Face Masks

Our 3 Ply Masks utilize High Quality SSS grade Non-Woven 25gsm Polypropylene material Including 25gsm Melt blown filters which enables easy breathing.

KN95 face mask 5 Ply

Our KN95 masks have all of the features of 3 Ply masks and in addition have breathable thermal bonded layers.

UGF Protect Gloves and UGF Protect Masks

Our manufacturing partners have been selected to offer our clients total satisfaction.

We aim to deliver

  • Safety & Protection
  • Outstanding workmanship
  • Superior quality
  • Superior elasticity
  • Anti-puncture
  • Comfort
  • Timely delivery, at the most competitive price

We will always strive to provide our business partners, customers and end users with support and bespoke solutions by using our well-equipped manufacturing R&D facilities, technical and engineering teams.

In line with its commitment to sustainability, the manufacturers of UGF Protect Gloves extensive Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) projects are aimed at community development, health and spiritual development as well as providing education.